What are the best possible options when choosing tools to fix your health fast and quick

Since a few weeks, a large part of the Dutch population in Delft works at home. In the beginning it took some getting used to, but in the meantime most have found the rhythm. With a little creativity, everyone has managed to create a workplace and it is becoming more and more familiar. Where some are already tired of it, for others it may always remain so. And then we mean working from home. But there are also disadvantages to working from home. The temptation to work from the couch is great and not everyone has a (good) desk.

Make sure you have the right tools

It is important to pay attention to your health at home. Your posture is important if you want to take care of your back. A good office chair is therefore very important to be able to work in the right position. But also think about your eyes, for example. Without blue light filter glasses, your eyes get tired faster and the chance of headaches and other (minor) complaints is much greater. Do you want to buy blue filter glasses or other computer accessories? Check with your employer to see if it will be reimbursed via this site.

Get some rest on time

If you work in an office, you often have fixed moments of rest. Think of a coffee break, the lunch break or a short walk with colleagues. At home, these fixed moments are few and far between. Yet it is important that you take enough (short) breaks during the day. Try to make a fixed schedule for yourself and don’t work for too long at a stretch. Also regularly look away from your screen to prevent tired eyes. By regularly standing up or walking you ensure that your joints stay in motion. Nobody is waiting for a stiff back or neck, right?